New product launched

MecLev® (Mechanical Levelling)

The MecLev® is an adjustable and re-usable steel mounting chock, that can be used for mounting all types of rotating or critically aligned machinery. The MecLev® is a mechanical stiff chock that is very easy to install and makes machinery alignment more simple, accurate and quick! The self-levelling feature (spherical top part adjust itself to the correct angle when installing the element) in combination with height adjustment, helps eliminate the risk of soft foot problems underneath your machinery!

Why use MecLev® instead of existing solutions?

  • MecLev® elements help to align and re-align your machinery quick and accurate;
  • MecLev® guarantees fast and simple elimination of soft foot under your machinery;
  • MecLev® elements eliminate time consuming and expensive machining of steel chocks;
  • MecLev® elements eliminate the extra work required when installing epoxy resin chocks;
  • MecLev® elements are re-usable;
  • MecLev® elements are self-levelling;
  • MecLev® elements can handle angular difference between machine foot and foundation up to 4⁰;
  • MecLev® offers the highest adjustable range on the market for adjustable chocks;
  • MecLev® offers the highest rated load on the market for adjustable chocks;
  • MecLev® offers the best mechanical properties on the market for adjustable chocks;
  • MecLev® elements are designed by people with more than 25 years of field experience.

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Some applications:
Compressors • engines • electric engines • generators • pumps • gearboxes • fans • machining toolsThe MecLev® design Years of field experience, combined with the newest calculation methods have resulted in an exceptional design with already proven success, making MecLev® the best adjustable chock design on the market.