New test Laboratory

Rubber Design starts with building new test laboratory.

Rubber Design invested in a new state of the art test laboratory where the static and dynamic characteristics of new developed products can be measured and quality control of their products can be performed.

In this test laboratory two Zwick materials static testing machines till 27,5 tons, one servo hydraulic dynamic testing machine till 10 tons and one laboratory test rig for measuring the dynamic transfer stiffness are available for measuring the characteristics of all kind of products. With these machines Rubber Design has the possibility to measure the static stiffness, maximum strength, creep characteristics, dynamic characteristics, dynamic transfer stiffness and life cycle of different kind of products. The measurements can be performed with climate chambers to determine the characteristics of the products at different temperatures.

With this new test laboratory Rubber Design has the capability to measure all the characteristics of their products and guarantee a best possible quality control for all the products delivered to our customers.