New test Laboratory

Rubber Design starts with building new test laboratory.

Rubber Design invested in a new state of the art test laboratory where the static and dynamic characteristics of new developed products can be measured and quality control of their products can be performed.

In this test laboratory two Zwick materials static testing machines till 27,5 tons, one servo hydraulic dynamic testing machine till 10 tons and one laboratory test rig for measuring the dynamic transfer stiffness are available for measuring the characteristics of all kind of products. With these machines Rubber Design has the possibility to measure the static stiffness, maximum strength, creep characteristics, dynamic characteristics, dynamic transfer stiffness and life cycle of different kind of products. The measurements can be performed with climate chambers to determine the characteristics of the products at different temperatures.

With this new test laboratory Rubber Design has the capability to measure all the characteristics of their products and guarantee a best possible quality control for all the products delivered to our customers.

New branch for Biezepol and Rubber Design Propulsion Equipment

Biezepol Metaalbewerking and Rubber Design will open their third branch in Heerjansdam in mid-August.

Following a nine-month architectural renovation, the building now offers endless possibilities as an office complex and a production area for the assembly of high-end parts for prop-shaft installations for mega yachts. The building will also house Rubber Design’s Propulsion Equipment division.

This new location has a surface area of roughly 4000 m², giving Rubber Design the opportunity to develop further and better anticipate the growth market in various sectors.

Rubber Design and Biezepol were extremely pleased with the opening of the second building, which is used primarily for assembly activities. However, the company grew more quickly than expected, resulting in the need for a third building. This growth was party due to the synergy between Rubber Design and Biezepol.

FPT Seal A60 Fire Protection Textile


The FPT Seal is a fireproof deck and bulkhead passage. Developed by our design team to
allow exhaust gasses pipe works pass trough bulkheads and decks without transmitting vibrations,
noise or heat to the surrounding ship-structure. This unique product is a combination of the best
quality fabrics and insulation materials.

This guarantees maximum safety and performance. The FPT pipe passage seals are suitable for
A0, A15, A30 and A60 bulk-heads, depending on the selected configuration. The FPT pipe passage
is fireproof for 60 minutes at 1000° Celsius and can be supplied Lloyds class certified for a pipe
diameter up to a unique maximum of 1820 mm.

The fireproof single pipe passage compensators can be provided with a certified watertight
sealing system. The watertight sealing allows a pressure of 0,6 bar (6m)for 30 minutes without
any recorded leakage.

• The Fire Protection Textile A60 has been uniquely tested on both sides
• Thermal and mechanical movement of the exhaust pipe system in all
directions possible
• Isolation of vibration and heat and pipe work borne sound transmission
• Low reaction force due to movements
• Separation of compartments
• Compensation of exhaust gasses pipe work misalignment
• Max diameter 1820 mm is the largest A60 flexible pipe passage
in the world

Rubber Design opens branch office in China

Since 01-07-2017 we have an branch office in Nanjing China. Our manager in China is Miss. Lin Wei

NMT important export partner for Rubber Design

Export is the greatest proof of the importance and success of the Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT). Rubber Design is since 1989 member of the NMT and in all those years we have participated in many collective trade fairs and missions. Rubber Design still takes part in the collective export activities of the NMT.

Read the full interview with our director what is recently published in “De Binnenvaartkrant”. (Only in Dutch)

Rubber Design congratulates NMT with her 25th anniversary!